I was born and brought up in a small provincial town of Southern France, later studying Literature and Journalism at the University of Bordeaux. After working as a journalist in Paris, I came to live in London where I married an artist, worked as a teacher and later became a counsellor. I have one daughter and two grandchildren.

I am fascinated by people and the stories they have to tell, and their search for a way to live that makes sense of their lives.

Writing has now claimed its place with the first of two books: “Two’s Company: Love Again, a Woman’s Journey”, published in June 2011 by Tivoli Books. There are also some poems written under my previous married name of Helene Armstrong, published in Magma and Envoi; and there are two plays-in-waiting: “The Deal” and “Then and Now”. (“The Deal” had public rehearsed readings with Q. & As in London in March 2011, at Pentameters in Hampstead and The Interchange in Belsize Park.)

My second book, “The Price of Silence” (for which I am now looking for a publisher) is followed by a campaign to improve the conditions in which children are born and brought up, called: THE PROMISE.